FCPC Renewable Generation Biodigester

Saturday (9/22) at 8 am, 9 am 10 am, and 11 am
Ticket required ($10)
Duration: 30 minutes
Capacity: 20 per tour
Meet at 2011 W. Potawatomi Circle

The Forest County Potawatomi’s biodigester is a renewable energy power plant.  It is powered by food waste that is converted into methane by anaerobic digestion. The methane powers two 1 megawatt internal combustion engines that were built by GE Waukesha. Visitors will tour the unloading bay, pump room, foodstock tanks and digesters, laboratory, electrical control room, and view the generators. Entry to site is off the first drive south of the WEST intersection of Canal and W. Potawatomi Circle. The gates will be open. Park on the north and or west side of the building. Do not block drives. Personnel doors to enter the building will be open.  Please do not enter open overhead doors. Please wear closed toe shoes and long pants.  Areas may be wet, pungent smell in some areas. It is hot and noisy in some areas.  Children are welcome with an adult. This is an operating industrial wastewater pretreatment plant.  Truck traffic and maintenance activities are ongoing. Areas may be wet, odorous, hot and/or noisy.  Anticipate laundering all clothing that is worn to the plant after the tour.  No open toed shoes or shorts.