Special Programs

Doors Open 2019 is scheduled for September 28 and 29. Special programs for the 2019 program will be published in July 2019. The special programs featured here took place during the 2018 program. 

Performing Arts

Check out performances organized by the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF) and Access Contemporary Music at several participating buildings throughout the event weekend.

Kids Passport

The Kids Passport is a guide to family friendly sites featuring 24 locations. Pick up a passport at the event headquarters (235 E Michigan St) or at any of the family passport sites.

Scout Activities 

Doors Open provides great activities for Scouts of all ages.  View suggested sites and activities and have fun weekend outing with your troupe. We also offer Doors Open activity patches to Scout troops for $1 each.

Water Passport

The Fund for Lake Michigan invites you to use the Water Passport to explore the relationship between Milwaukee’s water and the city’s industrial, commercial, civic, and residential development featuring 14 water related sites open for Doors Open.