Check out these great opportunities to engage your troop through Doors Open!

Volunteer for Doors Open – must be 16 + or accompanied by an adult:

Reserve your troop’s patches in advance: Email  with your troop’s number, school and quantity. Patches are $1 each. Pick up and pay at Event Headquarters, Michigan and Broadway on Sept. 22 and 23.

Girl Scouts

Have a Girl Scout Troop? Here are some ideas for earning awards:

Celebrating Community: Be a landmark detective and join a community celebration
First Aid: Talk to a police officer, firefighter or EMT.
Letterboxing: Make your own stamp, bring it to the event and fill your passport. Stop by our event headquarters at 235 E. Michigan for art projects too.

Inside government: Visit City Hall, a court house;  interview an elected individual at City Hall, 200 E. Wells St.
First Aid: Talk to an EMT, firefighter or police officers
Playing in the Past: Gather information about your community at Doors Open

First Aid: Visit a fire station, the fire museum or the Milwaukee Safety Academy.
Book Artist: Tour a book arts center, library or art museum and talk with an expert
Seniors and Ambassadors:

Tour with your troop, explore potential Silver and Gold Award community partners or volunteer.

Boy Scouts

Doors Open provides great activities for Boy Scouts of all ages.  These Doors Open sites can help with Boy Scout merit badge activities and provide a fun weekend outing. We also offer Doors Open activity patches to Scout troops for $1 each.

American Heritage: Doors Open can help with these portions of the badge: 4a. Explain what is meant by the National Register of Historic Places. Describe how a property becomes eligible for listing. 4e. Visit a historic trail or walk in your area. 6. Discuss with your counselor the career opportunities in American heritage. Where to do this? Historic Milwaukee, Inc. office, 235 E. Michigan St.; the Soldiers Home.

Architecture: 1. a. Tour your community and list the different types of buildings you see. Try to identify buildings that can be associated with a specific period of history or style of architecture. ; 2a. Discuss sustainable architecture and identify three features typical of green buildings; b. know the difference between renewable and recyclable building materials; c. understand the relationship of architecture with its surrounding environment and the community; d. how do entire buildings get reused rather than torn down when they no longer serve their original purpose.

Fire Safety: We can help out with these badge requirements: 3. Name the most frequent cases of fire in the home, 11. Visit a Fire Station and 12. Choose a fire safety-related career that interests  you and describe the level of education required and responsibilities of a person in that position. Where to do this? Visit one of fire houses, the Milwaukee Fire Museum or the Survive Alive House.

Metalwork: While you can’t be hands-on during Doors Open, you can get up close to a working blacksmith.  Doors Open can help you with these requirements: 1. Read the safety rules for metalwork; 4. Find out about three career opportunities in metalworking. Pick one and find out the education, training and experience required for this profession. It will also help with Option 4. Blacksmith.  1) Name and describe the use of a blacksmith’s tools.  Visit Milwaukee Blacksmith at 3073 S. Chase Ave. Building 24 from 10 to 5 on Saturday and noon to 5 on Sunday. Or stop in at Scathain, 422 S. 4th St.

Sculpture: 3. Find out about career opportunities in sculpture.  Where is this? Visit the larger than life size sculptures on the roof of the Grohmann Art Museum.

Many Webelos Adventure’s connect to Doors Open too. Adventures that tie in with Doors Open include:

Adventures in Science: 2. Visit a museum, college, laboratory, an observatory, a zoo, an aquarium or other facility that employs scientists; f. Study the night sky. Where can I do this? Visit the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences, 600 E. Greenfield Ave. or the UWM Biological Sciences Greenhouse, 1930 E. Hartford Ave.

Art Explosion: 1. Visit an art museum, gallery or exhibit. Visit the Grohman Museum at MSOE,  1000 N. Broadway.

Building a Better World: 2 and 4. Visit Milwaukee City Hall to learn about local government and talk to a community leader.

First Responder: Visit a fire house, the Milwaukee Fire Museum or the Survive Alive House.

Maestro: 1a. Attend a live musical  performance. Where can I do this? Check out music written for Doors Open with Access Contemporary Music. They will perform at Two-Fifty, 250 E. Wisconsin Ave. from noon to 3 p.m.; Clock Shadow Building, 130 W. Bruce St., from 1 to 4 p.m. and the Colby Abbot Building, 759 N. Milwaukee St.