First Baptist Church of West Allis

The original structure of the church, constructed of wood in 1869, has been enlarged and moved locations twice. The First Baptist Church of West Allis remains today one of the oldest public buildings in West Allis, after having been enclosed in brick to match the more modern 1929 sanctuary. Additions include a fellowship hall and multiple classrooms, added in 1959. A unique feature is the beautiful, high quality tile work in the baptistery and foyer areas as well as the beautiful stained glass windows.

First Baptist Church of West Allis is one of the oldest churches in the Milwaukee area having served the community for 177 years. Visitors will have the opportunity to look around, join guided tours, and will learn about the early years in the farm community, which became Honey Creek Settlement, then North Greenfield, and finally West Allis. Membership transitioned from farm families to some merchants and business owners to industrial workers and their families to today’s multi-cultural.

Building Info :

1576 S 78th St
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
4:45 p.m.
Not Open
Fully handicapped accessible