Escuela Verde

Escuela Verde has been at its Pierce Street Commons location for 3 years now. Escuela Verde is a project-based school and utilizes an open floor learning environment. As a visitor you will be able to get a tour of our new building. The wood flooring is the original from when it was first built. The wood inside is from re-purposed wood from around the city. The school also has several large windows which allow natural light to enter the school.

Escuela Verde has many great and unique school features, like a quality studio and recording booth. It also has a Zen Room, which is used for yoga and workshops. The students helped create a meditation garden in the backyard. In fact, the students helped design the building and were integral in the space development. Throughout our school, you will be able to see amazing student accomplishments like murals, project work, plants, gardens, and an aquaponics system.

Escuela Verde is a school whose mission is to cultivate a community that is participatory, just, sustainable and peaceful. They do this by graduating high school students who are prepared to live happy, healthy, meaningful lives. Escuela Verde collaborates with the community to create a strong sense of place and skills to flourish without harm by doing the following:

  • providing staff who model our vision and embrace education as liberation
  • engaging urban youth by adhering to an ecopedagogical praxis
  • developing biliteracy and honoring linguistic and cultural identities by engaging in translanguaging practices
  • offering immersion opportunities for those interested in transformative education

Escuela Verde participates in the Better Buildings Challenge and received a free energy assessment in 2017 to identify energy-saving opportunities.

Building Info :

3628 W. Pierce St
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
4:45 p.m.
Fully handicapped accessible