Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church

The Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, which was opened in July of 1961, is the last major building designed by esteemed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The general theme of the Church is a Greek cross with circular components, which is symbolic throughout the Church. The basic conception of the Church is Byzantine, and it is styled after the great Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, now Istanbul. Wright was familiar with Byzantine history and tradition, and he uniquely interpreted these concepts in his design of the Church.

This church was erected through the toil of immigrants as a monument to God and as a reminder of our Hellenic heritage, as well as a contribution to our city. Visitors will be awed and inspired by its beauty. Guided tours will include information about the architecture of the building as well as insight into the physical elements and the religion of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Tours will be offered each hour beginning at 10:00 am. The last tour will be at 4:00 pm. Greek pastries will also be available for purchase.

Building Info :

9400 W. Congress St.
10am to 5pm
Not open this day
Frank Lloyd Wright 1961
First/main floor only