America’s Black Holocaust Museum

America’s Black Holocaust Museum, which was founded by lynching survivor Dr. James Cameron,  is re-opening at this address in fall 2018.   The new museum, like its predecessor, shares the story of the African-American experience from pre-captivity to the present as an integral part of U.S. history.  The museum will include exhibits on African people before captivity, the trans-Atlantic slave trade, auction blocks, the civil rights movement (both past and present), and more. The museum recognizes the contributions of freedom-loving people – black and white – who have fought and continue to fight for racial justice, with a special focus on Milwaukee area civil rights leaders. The museum’s exhibits, educational programming, and community partnerships promote racial repair, healing, and reconciliation.  A virtual museum at shares this story to a broader national and international audience.
Visitors will have access to the building’s foyer and community room where there will be information about the museum’s future exhibits and volunteers on hand to answer questions.

Building Info :

401 W North Ave
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Not Open
Fully Accessible