Above View, Inc.

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ABOVE VIEW INC., was founded in 1984 with the vision to produce artisan quality ornamental plaster ceiling tiles on a commercial scale for commercial applications. Above View is a favored source for 2’ x 2’ornamental plaster ceiling tile in styles ranging from traditional to geometric, contemporary and avant-garde. You can find Above View ceiling tiles in hotels, casinos, restaurants, government buildings, stadiums and convention centers around the world.

Visitors will be provided a guided tour of Above View’s showroom, introduced to the corporation’s 80 exquisite ceiling designs, learn about the company history and tour the plant floor, where they will witness the creation of Above View’s plaster and glass fiber artisan ceiling tile.

Building Info :

4750 S Tenth Street
10 am - 4 pm
Not open on this day
First/main floor only
Volunteers only