Doors Open Map

Doors Open 2019 is scheduled for September 28 and 29. Buildings for the 2019 program will be published in July 2019. The buildings featured here were open during the 2018 program. 

Spotlight Communities

Historic Milwaukee encourages you to visit these neighborhoods and communities during Doors Open. As you bike, walk, drive, or bus from site to site in Milwaukee’s neighborhoods, consider stopping and grabbing a bite to eat at a local restaurant, take note of the murals and sculptures along the way, and appreciate the unique homes throughout these communities.

Historic Mitchell Street: Located in the heart of Milwaukee’s Southside, just west of I43, this main street has always reflected Milwaukee’s immigrant communities, as those have changed over time. Originally settled by Milwaukee’s Polish community, today this neighborhood is a vibrant hub — and if you haven’t visited in recent years, Mitchell Street will surprise you with its international character.

Historic King Drive/Bronzeville: Located just north of Downtown, this historically African American neighborhood is reemerging as a destination for arts and culture. Redevelopment of the street and businesses honor the neighborhood’s rich history while growing a new vision for the community.

Oak Creek: Located south of the city of Milwaukee, this neighboring suburb is hosting “Sneak Peek at Oak Creek,” which will open additional buildings on Saturday. Learn more at: