UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning

Building Completed: 1993 Architect: Holabird & Root (also designed many Chicago buildings including the 1924 original Soldier Field) The School provides classroom, office, and studio spaces for faculty and students in Architecture and Urban Planning. The commons is a large two story open area with enormous glass doors overlooking a green space right outside the building. The hallways of the building are used continuously as gallery space to display the architecture and design drawings and models produced by students.

Visitors to the building will be able experience an interactive exploration of planning and architecture. Local planning organizations will be on hand to discuss the future of transportation, the location of affordable housing near jobs, racial segregation in southeast Wisconsin, and neighborhood based initiatives toward economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Architecture students and faculty will show innovative projects in and around Milwaukee and the region. Students will offer tours of studio spaces with work in progress and hands-on model activities will be available for all ages.

Guided building tours will be offered on the half our starting at 10:30 AM. Last tour at 3:30 PM. Guided gallery tours will be offered at 11, 12 and 1 pm.

Building Info :

2131 E. Hartford Ave.
Not Open
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Holabird & Root 1994
Fully accessible