The 20-story building at 250 East Wisconsin Avenue came under the ownership of Fulcrum 250 East, LLC in 2015. Thanks to the combined vision and investment of Fulcrum and Millbrook, the building has undergone a complete revamp and rebrand, and reopened as Two-Fifty on April 27th, 2017.

Visitors will get to go behind the scenes and enjoy one of Milwaukee’s best kept secrets taking in panoramic views of City’s skyline from the 20th floor! At the heart of downtown, Two Fifty offers a unique perspective of Downtown Milwaukee’s Skyline, the Third Ward, Walkers Point, and beyond in all directions. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to take advantage of the views before construction commences on a tenant build out!
Tenants at Two-Fifty enjoy new modern spaces, extensive amenities, stellar views, and an ideal location in the Central Business District.
Two-Fifty joined the Better Buildings Challenge pledge amidst the major undertaking of its renovation process. The building’s General Manager, Mark Nicholson, knew that in order to be competitive with the market and meet the demands of their tenants, the building needed major upgrades and repositioning and saw the services provided by the program as one solution.
Two-Fifty has been under-occupied building since 2001, but despite low occupancy rates, the building experienced high energy use. Since the building is still under-occupied, energy use is expected to increase. However, even with the recent increase in occupancy, the building’s energy usage has decreased with utility bills 30% less than budgeted in the first quarter of 2017.

Updates date include:
• LED lighting in parking structure, lobby, tenant lounge, indoor bike room, and new tenant spaces,
• Building automation and mechanical system upgrades and
• a full elevator modernization.

Now that the building is up-to-date and open for business, Two-Fifty looks forward to increasing occupancy and working with the Better Buildings Challenge to obtain an ENERGY STAR rating. To learn more about this building’s participation in the Better Buildings Challenge, visit

Building Info :

250 E. Wisconsin Avenue
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
2:45 pm
Not Open