Marshall Building

Built in 1906-07, the Marshall Building was a test project for Claude A.P. Turner’s pioneering construction method. Otherwise known as the Turner System or the Spiral Mushroom System, it used flat-slab concrete floors that were supported by mushroom-headed columns and reinforced with steel rebar. Most buildings around this time used wood- and steel-framed floors, which made construction more expensive and tedious. The cost-effective technology resulted in a sturdy, built-to-last building. Today, the Marshall Building is the world’s oldest existing example of Claude A.P. Turner’s Mushroom System and is a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

Located in the heart of Milwaukee’s vibrant Historic Third Ward, the Marshall Building is a century-old warehouse conversion boasting contemporary amenities and historic charm. Home to over 25 art galleries & studios along with many other boutiques & offices, the Marshall Building has become Milwaukee’s premier destination for the Art’s & creativity.