Rising Dragon Martial Arts

In 2012 a small fire resulted in some upstairs damage but a unique addition was added in the partial rebuild. Enjoy the modern martial art facility with a tai chi upstairs garden, the newly made office and proshop, the garage has been turned into a kickboxing room and the original downstairs once a cellar for stored goods at grocery is now in part a locker room and storage facility.

Rising Dragon Martial Arts, LLC became established in this historic building of 3429 W. Greenfield in 1998. Originally this unique and historic architecture was the outside corner of Milwaukee in 1905 as a grocery store and home. A book will be shown from the original owners about life in 1905 including early photos along with a brief 10 minute tour of this building which over its career has been a dive shop, a comic book store, a stained glass store and has acted in many other venues.

Building Info :

3429 W. Greenfield Ave
Not Open
12:00 pm - 5:00 pm
First/main floor only