Pedal Milwaukee Building (Velobahn Coffee & Cycle / Wisconsin Bike Fed)

The Pedal Milwaukee Building currently houses 4 businesses and organizations with ties to Cycling, and is located in Silver City only a block away from Hank Aaron State Bike Trail. Built prior to the 1900s of cream city break, the building has long been used for industrial manufacturing. Recently, the building has undergone many renovations and now features office space on the second floor and a coffee/cycle shop on the main floor.

Located on the main floor of the Pedal Milwaukee Building is one of Milwaukee’s newest independent coffee shops, Velobahn Coffee & Cycle, which doubles as a specialty cafe and bike maintenance shop. The building also houses the offices of the nonprofit organization Wisconsin Bike Fed. The building’s proximity to Hank Aaron State Bike Trail allows for the added bonus of quick and safe access to Milwaukee’s downtown, as well as the western suburbs of the greater Milwaukee area, while cycling.

Milwaukee bike enthusiast’s will not want to miss this opportunity to gain a behind -the-scenes look at the new Pedal Milwaukee Building. Visitors will be taken on guided tours of the building, including the upstairs offices and the coffee/cycle shop located on the lower level. Learn about the building’s history, it’s renovation, future plans to build more office space on the first floor, and the exciting new businesses housed at this location.

Building Info :

3618 W. Pierce St.
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Fully accessible