The ornamental plaster studio shop was originally built around 1900. Matt and Julian Orlandini purchased the property in August of 1964 as a duplex. The original shop was located on 5th and Scott St. Upon purchase, Julian immediately set about the task of gutting the building, jacking it up, putting in a new foundation and building the shop onto the back of the existing building. Orlandini has been open and doing business since August of 1965.

Julian’s living quarters, which were on the second floor, will be open to the public to view the paintings of Debra Stubbe Burkart she will have drawings and prints on display and for sale. You can see Milwaukee landmarks as well as Paris through her eyes. There will be the photos by Shelly Orlandini on display.

The shop will also be open to the public. Eugene Orlandini, third-generation Ornamental Plasterer, will be on hand to explain how ornamental plaster can be used in your home, as well as how pieces are made. Orlandini Studios will be offering a ‘special gift’ for children who visit this PASSPORT SITE with their Doors Open Milwaukee passport. (Warning: The studio is dusty, so black clothes are not encouraged.)