Marquette University / St. Joan of Arc Chapel

St. Joan of Arc Chapel likes to think of itself as being the oldest building in the western hemisphere that is still used for its intended purpose. The exact construction date is not known, but it is believed to have begun in the late 14th or early 15th century and completed over a period of years. The chapel was originally in the little village of Chasse near the city of Lyon in southeastern France. During the time of the French Revolution, it fell into disrepair. By the time it was discovered, shortly after World War I by Jacques Couelle, a brilliant young French architect, it had become completely dilapidated. Jacques Couelle worked with the French government to restore the chapel to its original state. In 1964, the chapel was donated to Marquette University, and was dismantled stone by stone and shipped to its present location. The chapel was dedicated to Marquette University in 1966 and is open to the public.

Twenty-minute tours of the interior will be given throughout the event, and will be available to visitors upon request. Chapel guides will be available to answer any questions for those who wish to experience the chapel on their own.