Cudahy Tower (39) 3K

These long-standing landmark beaux-art buildings overlooking the lake were erected from 1907 to 1927. Visitors will be treated to a 45-minute tour on the hour that will first explore the fine terra-cotta exterior, marvel at beautiful lobbies, see old photos,  examine elevator restoration and view ancient boilers in the basement. Meet at SE corner of Mason & Prospect.

Tour will begin on the exterior of the building on the south east corner. We might be across the street as there will be restoration work being performed on the building at that time. You’ll hear about the two different parts of the building,- the condo side and the tower side. They were built 20 years apart and you’ll learn why the condo side was renovated. Current restoration work happening on the exterior of the building, terra cotta, special care of, manufacture of new will also be shocased

You’ll find the great faces on the exterior of the building bdfore you enter the tower lobby. Hear a brief description of the lobby, and view pictures from days gone by of the Cudahy. You’ll hear a bit about the elevator renovations and ownership of the building (pictures in the lobby of Cudahy family members).

Then depart to the basement to see the old boilers. You’ll briefly learn about the boiler controller and coal to gas to steam conversions thoughput the years.

Then onto the lobby of the condos. and finally exit on Prospect Ave. half way between Wells and Mason St. You’ll have a chance to notice the beautiful and ornate original terra cotta ntrance of the condos.