Pabst Brewery

Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery 50 4C

Visitors will enter the former Executive entrance of the Pabst Brewing Company at 917 W. Juneau Avenue.  They will walk through an area that formerly was the Corporate Office and proceed to the former Board Room of the Pabst Brewing Company, complete with the former Board Room table and chairs present.

The next stop will be the adjacent “President’s Office” that was once Captain Frederick Pabst’s Office and will include a rolltop desk identified by Augie Pabst as my, “Grandfather’s old rolltop desk.”

Since last year, a 12×23 foot skylight opening was discovered along with numerous stained glass windows that were found after a wall was taken down. Saturday visitors are invited to join in Best Place’s Octoberfest celebration from 1-6 on Sunday, the 23rd.

Best Place will play a DVD called the “Pabst Pledge of Quality” which gives nice background on the Pabst Brewing Company and an explanation of the brewing process among other interesting audio and video.

An audio of the 100th Anniversary (1944) radio show “Blue Ribbon Town” with Groucho Marx, Fay Mackenzie, Richard Armbruster and Derwood Kirby will also be featured.  The show was live at the former Milwaukee Auditorium and was broadcast nationally.