Better Buildings Challenge

The Better Buildings Challenge is a national initiative run by the U.S. Department of Energy that encourages buildings to reduce their energy use 20% over 10 years. The City of Milwaukee took the pledge to reduce its energy use in City buildings in 2012 and through a Department of Energy award, has expanded the program to private buildings throughout the City.

The Better Buildings Challenge – Milwaukee is a comprehensive program that provides building owners and property managers all of the tools and resources they need to develop energy efficiency projects for their buildings. The program offers one-on-one assistance and free services to help buildings identify optimal energy-saving opportunities with the goal of making the building more comfortable and efficient while reducing operating costs. Participants get access to free resources to help them better understand their building’s energy use and are recognized at various programs and through partners, like Doors Open, for their commitment and their successes.

Check out these Doors Open sites that have taken the pledge (click each site to view building details and hours):

Interested in learning more? Visit or email for more information on how your building can become one of Milwaukee’s Better Buildings!